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deptry is a command line tool to check for issues with dependencies in a Python project, such as unused or missing dependencies. It supports the following types of projects:

  • Projects that use Poetry and a corresponding pyproject.toml file
  • Projects that use PDM and a corresponding pyproject.toml file
  • Projects that use any package manager that strictly follows PEP 621 dependency specification
  • Projects that use a requirements.txt file according to the pip standards

Dependency issues are detected by scanning for imported modules within all Python files in a directory and its subdirectories, and comparing those to the dependencies listed in the project's requirements.



To add deptry to your project, run one of the following commands:

# Install with poetry
poetry add --group dev deptry

# Install with pip
pip install deptry


When using pip to install deptry, make sure you install it within the virtual environment of your project. Installing deptry globally will not work, since it needs to have access to the metadata of the packages in the virtual environment.


deptry should be run within the root directory of the project to be scanned, and the project should be running in its own dedicated virtual environment.


To scan your project for dependency issues, run

deptry .

Example output could look as follows:

Scanning 2 files...

foo/ DEP004 'numpy' imported but declared as a dev dependency
foo/ DEP001 'matplotlib' imported but missing from the dependency definitions
pyproject.toml: DEP002 'pandas' defined as a dependency but not used in the codebase
Found 3 dependency issues.


deptry can be configured by using additional command line arguments, or by adding a [tool.deptry] section in pyproject.toml. For more information, see Usage and Configuration